Solar power project consultancy

Land Development and Construction for Solar power generation

All Land development is different based on soil content, machinery one can use an experienced labor pool availability.

Site development for solar power generation project requires consideration of following key points and Movie has a team of people who can help you get moving quickly.

Site Fencing: Once site been measured by DILR and proper tag been placed on the boundary, parcel requires fencing initiated quickly. Many land parcels specifically in Patan and Banaskantha district of Gujarat is declared as forest land and are reserve sanctuary for Nilgai/rose ( endangered animal). This animal is an avid runner when scared and can make a quick jump of 6-8 feet easily. Haphazardly running Nilgay creates lots of accident every year by on state highway or local roads. In this scenario, the site requires specific kangaroo double back wired or complete Concrete fencing.

1.Undulations and bushes on land:
Though the land price for the solar project is a tiny portion of the whole project cost, it still has significance and most developers choose a low priced, unused, nonarable land. This type of land mostly contains lots of desert bushes require cleaning and leveling. JCB’s and tractor’s become expensive endeavor for removing it from the ground. There are people in this special trade who makes Coal from the roots of these bushes have expertise gained through generations to remove this bushes faster and cleaner way. All undulation can then be removed by JCB’s or manual labor force. For solar power generation, Land Parcel needs a certain degree of slope (facing south-east be the best) to allow rain drainage faster and prevent it from flooding.

2.Design and marking on the Land:
Certified local architect (Need certificate from the same architect to get the land conversion to NA) needs to provide plans/ designs to maximize the utilization of the land. The drawing must be done as per local laws conformance i.e. spacing around project panels, building, roads and water exit from the parcel.

3.Construction and erection of PV panel support:
Depending upon the design chosen by EPC, sub-Contractor needs to understand the type of soil and kind of equipment required to dig/drill the bore, direct steel pole erection, kind of steel required for concrete column structure, type of clinker/cement/sand/water required for electrical structure erection. In Movie, having sister business concern in real estate and roads construction industry, we understand enormousness of the project and can scale men, material, and equipment to meet every deadline. Please contact us for project details we have undertaken and completed so far.

4.Panel fabrication and installation:
Panel Design varies from EPC to EPC. Looking at the span of its usage for 20 to 30 years, all fabrication structure must be non-corrosive, weatherproof, durable and making it maintenance-free by the ease of design. Specifically cleaning frequency of panel is the most important factor while designing structure. Rajkot, the city in Gujarat is famous for steel fabrication work. Movie (Head office based in Rajkot) can arrange the panel fittings with expert engineering insight with perfect quality.

5.Roads and Buildings:
Each Solar PV site requires quality road infrastructure to and within the project site. Moya’s sister concern is AA+ Government approved contractor and we know what it requires to make road whether paved or clinker supported or dirt road to move around. So is our Residential/ industrial building construction team. As per Government laws for Industry, Project site requires buildings for power generation monitoring and control, onsite engineer/supervisor residence, weather station, security staff office and residence, an office building with the residential requirement for site visitors along with Site vehicle parking.

Contact us to understand and discuss more Site development. We can arrange a visit to all our sites where our Roads and real estate building works have been completed or under progress.