Wind power project consultancy

DLD’s wind energy feasibility services

  • Identify development opportunities
  • Reduce development and planning risks at the earliest stages of a project
  • Maximize potential energy yield and financial attractiveness
  • Prevent unnecessary expenditure during the initial stages of a project

We provide a fully transparent service tailored to your needs and the size and scope of your project. Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited recommends a staged approach to the feasibility, technical development, and consenting phases of a wind farm development, which allows:

  • Key issues and risks to be identified and quantified
  • An informed a decision on whether to progress the project
  • Maximize potential energy yield and financial attractiveness
  • More detailed work to be focussed on key risks, reducing overall development costs

To support wind energy projects from initial site identification through to the planning stages, Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited specialist feasibility and development team provides a comprehensive and flexible package of consultancy services:

Site selection

  • Potential site identification
  • Selection and screening studies
  • Maximize potential energy yield and financial attractiveness

DLD’s wind energy Feasibility study


  • Site wind resource
  • Investigation of key technical, environmental, and planning constraints including noise, access, and electricity grid constraints
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) based constraint maps
  • Candidate turbines and preliminary layout design
  • Preliminary energy yield and financial modeling

Detailed renewable energy feasibility study

  • Wind resource modeling and preliminary energy yield estimates based on sophisticated mesoscale weather models and local data sources
  • Our renewable energy feasibility study will include a detailed assessment of key technical, environmental, and planning risks, including:
    • Shadow flicker modeling
    • Noise modeling and background noise measurement
    • Visualizations (Zone of Theoretical Visual Influence (ZTVI), wireframe, and photomontages)
    • 3D visualizations and fly-through animations
    • Transport and access, including swept path analysis and route inspection
    • Telecommunications
    • Grid connection
    • Steep slopes analysis
  • Consultation with stakeholders and planning authorities
  • Project design and layout optimization
  • Detailed financial modeling
  • Our team can provide you with all you need to ensure your wind project is fully evaluated

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited assists clients in the design and development stage of large-scale renewable energy projects including project sizing and optimization of the design.

Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of renewable technologies and can undertake an in-depth analysis of:

  • Technical characteristics
  • Quality standards
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Compatibility with system design
  • Expected degradation and reliability
  • Warranties.

Once a suitable technology has been proposed we model different system configurations to ensure they are compatible and optimized for maximum yield output.

Pre-contract negotiations

Pre-contract negotiations form a significant part of SgurrEnergy’s services and we are skilled in specifying the owner’s specific requirements. Our international experience in negotiating with contractors provides owners with a robust site/ plant design and contracts with industry-leading technical schedules.

Environmental and grid connection applications

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited in-house environmental team support clients with planning application advice and guidance and our electrical engineers provide grid connection support, liaising with distribution network operators, creating single-line diagrams, and acting as an agent for grid connection applications.

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited can support you through every stage of your wind resource assessment from initial site visits through to mast and instrumentation supply and installation to data recovery, reporting, and decommissioning.

Our range of met mast services includes:

  • Site visit and desktop studies for mast sitting
  • Planning application
  • Equipment specification and procurement or rental
  • Project management interaction with the client, landowner, and contractors
  • Health & safety requirements
  • International mast installation and commissioning
  • Data recovery and monthly reporting, tailored to client requirements
  • Maintenance and mast health check
  • Remote power and communication systems Get in touch with our met mast team to find out more

Mast installation team

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited in-house mast installation team are expertly trained to provide complete control of all installation works on your wind farm site. Our installation team will ensure that no matter your choice of wind monitoring mast, it will be installed to the highest of safety standards. Having the team in-house allows Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited to pass on a number of benefits to clients including:

  • Prevention of high installation costs from subcontractors
  • Tighter control on lead times of the project
  • Improved lines of communication throughout the project Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited mast installation team members are:
  • IOSH trained (site supervisors)
  • Fully health, safety, and first aid training
  • Logger experts
  • Ideally located to deliver an IND-wide installation service

Data recovery and monthly reporting

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited has an in-house team of data analysts who can provide expert processing, screening, and archiving of data from on and offshore measurement equipment including met masts and remote sensing devices. Data is downloaded three times a week via the remote communication system. Data quality will be screened regularly and appended to the site dataset.

Preventative maintenance data checks will also be carried out three times a week, paying close attention to the operational data.
Monthly interim reporting is delivered via email and includes a monthly trend datasheet, report screen log, and maintenance issues log, the report also includes the following:

  • A summary data sheet showing monthly trends graph to date
  • Wind speed frequency distribution
  • Turbulence intensity
  • Wind rose
  • Diurnal variation in wind speed
  • Diurnal variation in wind sheer
  • Time series charts of wind speed and direction

Identifying whether a renewable energy project is commercially feasible involves detailed analysis, modeling, and assessment to minimize project risk and maximize returns.
Using industry-standard modeling, dedicated tools, and software, Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited analysts collect and analyze resources and yield potential to accurately understand how the project should expect to perform in operation.
Some of these services include:

  • Wind analysis
  • Energy yield prediction
  • Flow modeling and layout optimization
  • Power performance testing
  • Wind regime assessment and site suitability
  • Wind CFD modeling
  • Wave and tidal CFD.

To find out more about our analysis services and our expertise in wind analysis, follow the links below Customised energy yield services are tailored to suit your needs by Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited and we have a wealth of experience in providing bank-grade energy yield reports that are well respected in the industry and accepted by most financial institutions. Some of the standard services offered and key considerations made in our energy yield predictions include:

  • Identification and selection of suitable sources of long-term reference wind data sources for use in energy yield prediction
  • Wind flow modeling using industry-standard modeling software (DLD is licensed users of WAsP, WAsP Engineering; WindPro, WindFarmer, Windfarm, and Windographer software)
  • Wind flow modeling using advanced wind flow modeling software (DLD is licensed users of Meteodyn WT (CFD) software)
  • Wind flow model validation using remote sensing measurements
  • Detailed forestry scenario modeling
  • Appraisal and application of system losses based on our extensive experience.
  • Assessment of electrical losses incurred up to the point of grid metering in addition to detailed wind farm electrical design
  • Modeling of noise curtailment
  • Modeling of wind sector management
  • Full, bank-grade energy yield report.

The level of uncertainty in the energy yield prediction will be estimated based on all inputs to the energy yield prediction from wind measurement through to wind flow modeling. DLD has developed in-house tools that produce a probability of exceedance energy yield values (such as P75 and P90) typically used in project finance.
Using state of the art software and modeling techniques, our expert analysis team creates long-term wind distributions and wind flow models to produce a wind energy density map across a proposed wind farm site.
This, in turn, allows us to predict the annual energy yield from a proposed wind turbine layout, and also to quantify the wake loss, wind shear, turbulence, and extreme wind characteristics of the site. This detailed wind regime information will inform decisions on turbine selection and allows us to optimize the turbine layout to maximize energy yield without reducing turbine life.
DLD also has a dedicated environmental team that works alongside our analysis experts to provide wind farm layouts that are within the environmental and planning constraints of the site.

Due Diligence

Investors can require due diligence support at any stage of their renewables project. From Greenfield to partially developed and operating renewable sites; DLD provides technical, commercial, and environmental due diligence assessments across all of these areas.
We have a strong international track record in providing impartial, reliable, and confidential due diligence services for renewable energy projects on behalf of banks, private equity institutions, and developers across the globe. Our experience includes projects ranging from refinancing operational onshore portfolios to large-scale solar projects in developing countries, to the world’s first project financed offshore wind farm and the world’s largest offshore wind financing deals.

Our due diligence services include:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Economic assessments
  • Commercial due diligence
  • Environmental and social due diligence
  • Energy yield due diligence
  • Energy yield due diligence
  • Risk advisory services
  • Market studies and reports
  • Knowledge training
  • DLD Commerce ur integrated, the multi-disciplinary engineering team is made up of dedicated and highly experienced specialists that are trained in each of their areas of expertise. Together, they utilize their specific strengths to support clients during each development stage to ensure that projects are delivered to the best possible standards.
    Find out more about the wealth of services that DLD offers across all aspects of renewable engineering by following the links below:
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Owner’s engineer
  • Project management
  • Pre-construction
  • Construction
  • Handover DLD a complete package, active asset management takes into account everything from 24/7 monitoring through to hands-on maintenance, and commercial operation support, providing an optimization feedback loop for continual improvement.

Our active asset management services include:
Technical asset management

  • 24/7 Control Centre
  • Trading control point
  • DLD Performance
  • Wind turbine maintenance and repair
  • Inspection services
  • Site management
    • Financial and commercial asset management
    • DLD Optimiser
  • Forestry restructuring
  • Static yaw error correction
  • Aerodynamic improvements.


As the first phase of wind farms comes to the end of their scheduled lifetime, Natural Power is in an excellent position to advise on all aspects of project progression.  During our 20+ years, we have amassed a huge amount of knowledge in this area, having been involved in the consent of many of the INDIA’s early wind farms and witnessed major changes in policy, site constraints, and technology.

We can review and advise on when (and if) to re-power, giving consideration to the support regimes and planning policies in place.  We can also undertake turbine assessments, investigate options for upgrading current plant and site redesign with a view to up-powering or extending the life of existing assets.

Drawing upon our extensive planning and environment experience we can lead to stakeholder engagement, environmental assessment, consent management, decommissioning, and conditional discharge. Post-consent, we can then manage the construction phase right through to eventual commissioning and managing the repowered asset. Our main aim is to efficiently manage the costs, risks, and timescales in one, seamless, end to end process.

Our in-house electrical engineering team can also look at the options for increasing the utilization of an existing grid connection.  They can advise on whether to add more of the same technology, install an alternative, or modify existing equipment to increase overall capacity. Natural Power’s multidisciplinary approach to site design and 20+ years’ experience in the industry is ideally suited to repowering projects.



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