Land Base Surveying

Land Survey And Mapping

To achieve higher standards of Structural Designs and Project Management Consultancy Report parameters, it’s always necessary to enhance the quality of Land Surveys and Soil Investigation methods which are basic needs of any Project Management Consultancy in India. For every infrastructure construction project, carrying out a survey of the proposed site and furnishing the detailed engineering report is a very much essential task.

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited uses all the latest technologies and equipment for the purpose of land survey and mapping to ensure high quality is maintained at work. Technology has helped Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited to grow and bag elite clients. To know more about our survey & mapping work.

Survey Methodology:

We follow below mentioned Topographical/ Land Survey methodologies

1. Mobilization: This includes inspection of land survey site boundary and collection of secondary data. It covers the collection of latitude and longitudes of points shown in the land survey map. Fixing of a tentative location of baseline, start off the meeting with a client to convince the methodology, constraints, and requirements from the client.

2. Control Points: Inland/ Engineering survey it is a vital role of control points/ baselines/ traverse surveys to achieve control on large surveys in roads, railways or areas. The application of high-end instruments is necessary to achieve benchmarks like DGPS or 1’ (one second) accuracy total stations.

3. Spot leveling/ L-section/ X-section/ Area Survey: Grid survey, spot level interval mentioned in the contract, future land survey would be carried and with the help of a digital level, auto level, dumpy level, total station, instruments and noted in electronic field bosh or in hard copy.

4. Collection of Details: Collection of details would be existing structures like buildings, temples, mosques, huts, utilities like water supply pipeline, sewerage network, stormwater line, electric line, telephone line, gas line. The mapping of underground utilities is a major aspect of a land survey that has a key role in the implementation of the project as well as project management consultancy.

5. Preparation of drawings: Drawing with the help of AutoCAD or similar software is prepared after downloading data from survey instruments like a total station, digital level, or GPS with layer management and consideration of the client’s requirement. Area volume and lengths are worked out as per the nature of the project and the digital terrain is developed on the basis of contours and elevation.

6. Quality assurance and quality control measures: To ensure quality, it is essential to verify the drawing at a site to check the accuracy of the land survey, checking of a traverse, baseline, benchmark, and control points is a vital role in checking accuracy.

7. Final submission of report & drawings: At the end of the survey work and analysis we provide detailed engineering reports of a land survey to our clients. We make sure all the guidelines and standards are met while preparing such an important report.

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Engineering Surveys
  • Road, Railways, Pipeline, Ropeway Alignment Surveys
  • L-Section & Cross-Section Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
  • Plane Table Survey
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Storm Water Drainage Surveys
  • Grid Surveys
  • Detailed Town Planning Surveys
  • Digital Mapping
  • Cadastral Surveys
  • Transmission Line Surveys
  • Survey & Infrastructure Mapping
  • Auto Cad Drawing
  • Digitization
  • Survey & Design Drawings

Soil Investigation and Geotechnical

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited is one of the leading geotechnical companies in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. We have a technologically advanced soil testing laboratory in Rajkot, Gujarat. We also provide Geotech services in all over parts in Gujarat. We follow the below steps for a soil investigation to ensure accurate & reliable test results.

Field Work:

Drilling and sampling in soil & rock are carried out using a rotary drilling rig. The borehole in the soil is advanced using the rotary drilling method, while NX size core barrel is used to drill in rock, Water is circulated to cool the drilling bit. The groundwater table is recorded after 24 hours of completion of drilling. On completion of drilling, soil samples are packed in plastic containers with proper identification tags. Rock cores are numbered and kept in core boxes.

Field Tests & a collection of Soil Samples: Standard Penetration Test (SPT) & Collection of Undisturbed Samples (UDS), Preparation of Bore-logs.

Laboratory Testing:

On completion of drilling, samples are sent to the soil testing laboratory for further testing. Samples are classified in the geotechnical laboratory and representative samples are selected for testing. The following tests would be performed.

  • Dry Density
  • Soaked unconfined Compression Test
  • Percentage absorption and porosity
  • Mechanical analysis
  • Atterberg limits
  • Differential free swell
  • Proctor Density Test
  • CBR Test
  • Direct Shear Test
  • Triaxle Tests

After getting the laboratory soil test report & bore-logs, the recommendation report is prepared by a geotechnical experts, which would be helpful to decide the type of foundation on the basis of safe bearing capacity.

Codes & Standards

Fieldwork will be executed generally in accordance with IS specifications listed below:
1. IS-1892: Code of practice for Subsurface Investigation of Foundations
2.IS-1498: Classification and Identification of Soils for General Engineering Purposes
3. IS-2131: Method for Standard Penetration Test for Soils
4. IS-2132: Code for practice for Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Soils
5. IRC-78:2000: Standard Specifications & Code of Practice For Road Bridges
6. Section VII : Foundations & Sub-structures

Soil Laboratory testing will be executed generally in accordance with IS specifications listed below:

1. a.IS-1892 Part IV: Grain Size and Hydrometer Analysis.
2. IS 2720 part III: Specific gravity test.
3. IS 2720 Part V: Liquid and Plastic Limit Test.
4. IS 2720 part XIII: Direct shear test
5. IS 2720 Part XV: Consolidation test
6. b.IS-1498 Part III: Specific Gravity Test.
7. c.IS-2131 Part V: Liquid and Plastic Limit Test.

Traffic Studies and Analysis

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited, a leading Project Management Consultancy in Rajkot, Gujarat, India; has vast experience in Traffic Study & Analysis. Traffic & Transportation Department at Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited handles independent assignments as well as renders able support to the sister departments such as highway design and others. Independently, the department has ably provided services in the areas of Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Planning, Terminal Designs, and Regional Transportation Studies. At the same time, and in parallel, it has been participating in the multi-focus regional transportation studies by providing the required input including the conduct of land surveys, data analysis, interpretation, traffic forecast, economic and financial analysis. It is a single most important department in the company providing a roadmap for growth for the rest of the department with a stronger team and many more independent as well as multi-sectoral assignments.

Adoption appropriate technologies including the use of:

  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Geographic information systems
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Transport Economics
  • Financial planning
  • Parking studies
  • Traffic safety studies
  • Traffic impact assessment
  • Traffic management strategies
  • Bus lane planning and design
  • Traffic Survey – Origin & Destination Survey, Number Plate Survey, Classified Survey, Parking Survey, Axial Survey, Turning Movement Survey, Volume Count Survey
  • Traffic Survey for Railway
  • Traffic Analysis

Project Report Preparation

Construction Project Management Consultancy work, accuracy in Land Survey, Soil Investigation work, Hydraulic Design, Structural Design, Cost Estimates, etc. tasks are very crucial. In addition to that, the presentation of the final detailed Engineering Report is also important and should be in a good presentation format as well as should meet the standard guidelines prescribed by respective Government and private bodies. Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited based at Rajkot, Gujarat, India does follow all the guidelines of report preparation as well as make sure that accuracy is maintained while drafting this crucial report. We have all the expertise from skilled manpower to technologies and tools to carry below different project report activities.

1. Detailed Project Report
2. Cost Estimates with Specifications and Methodology
3. Financial Analysis, Viability, Rate of Return
4. General Arrangement Drawing (GAD)
5. Conceptual Planning & Report
6. Preliminary Report
7. Project Report
8. Inception Report
9. Tender Document Preparation
10.Preparation of BOQ, Specification, Clauses

Our efficient and reliable services have helped Suncom Engineers to bag elite customers. To know more about our past works refer projects section.

Details of different reports are mentioned below:

1. PRE FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT: It includes market survey, general financial analysis, general economic analysis, the tentative cost of the project, project location alternative studies which help to identify the project, and check the viability of the project in a general sense to technical, political, financial and environmental.

2. FEASIBILITY STUDY REPORT: It includes a description of the project, availability of inputs, alternative studies with recommended options of the area, alignment, location, structure. The detailed cost of the project includes design and drawings on the basis of land survey and soil investigation and testing. Financial analysis includes fund flow, internal rate of return in terms of financial and economic, net present value, Institutional participation, land acquisition status, general operation and maintenance schedule, general arrangement drawings to prepare the structural design and working drawings. Guidelines to project management consultancy to monitor project implementation. Preparation of drawings.

3. DETAILED PROJECT REPORT (DPR): Detailed design of component includes land survey and soil investigation work, project background. Detailed cost of components includes land cost, cash flow management, and detailed cost estimates of all components. Detail of shifting schedule of utilities, institutional participation, phasing of the project, financial analysis, and tender document preparation includes a letter of invitation, conditions of the contract, clauses, detailed specifications, structural design, and working drawings.

Project Management Consultancy

Dhrumik Land Developers Private Limited is one of the leading & reputed Project Management Consultancy in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. We have all the in-house expertise from skilled manpower to advanced technologies & tools, which enable us to carry tasks related to Project Management Consultancy. We ensure that we provide efficient, accurate & reliable services to our clients. We have a long list of elite customers for whom we have worked as a Project Management Consultant & able to deliver the best solution to their requirements. We carry all the tasks like Project Feasibility Study to a detailed Project Engineering Report. Project Management Consultants play a very crucial role in Construction & Infrastructure Development Projects. To know more about our past PMC work, refer Projects section

We have the capability to carry below Project Management Consultancy tasks:

1. Study of Tender Document
2. Contract Management
3. Scrutiny of Techno-commercial Bid’s
4. Supervision, Measurement for billing of contractor
5. Quality Assurance Test
6. As-built drawing
7. Revised working Drawings & Designs

To ensure the quality of work, we follow the below methodology for carrying out PMC tasks:


Preparation of tender document on the basis of cost estimates which is based on the land survey, soil investigation, designs & cost estimates. This document is treated as a key & crucial document in the Project Management Consultancy Report.

1. Line out Survey: On the basis of working drawings line out the survey would be conducted by total station instrument or digital level.
2. Contract Management: Quality assurance testing, material testing, supervision, the measurement for payment. Resolve disputes in client & Construction Company.
3. As-Built Survey: After completion of the project, on the basis of working drawing, as-built drawings are prepared with the help of a measurement survey, total station instrument.

Software & Equipment:

  • DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System),
  • TS (Total Station)
  • GPS (Global Positioning System),
  • Auto level.


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