Land acquisition:

We render our services for the acquisition of Government / Forest or private land in any part of Gujarat, followed by WRA (Wind Resource Assessment) of the sites of specific interest. The acquisition can be undertaken followed by all necessary permission as per concerned laws / bylaws of local government bodies.

Liasioning Services:

We undertake the Liasioning with Gujarat Government nodal agency like GEDA for project approval and Developer Permission.

We also have a full-fledged team of professional employees and experts. Which has experienced in wind farm projects. We are one of the leading Organizations in this particular market, so we want to be proactive in its continued growth and development.


GETCO Liaison:

Power evacuation and ROW (right of way): Most important aspect of any Wind power project is to have clear power evacuation infrastructure established in time and cost-effective way. Getting Transmission line laid out from the project site to 33kv, 66kv or 220kv substation is involves the critical right of way issues to construct and erect transmission tower onto land parcel outside of the project site.


CIG Liaison:

Cheif electrical inspector’s approval is important for all kind of power generation project. This office determines whether all electrification on the project site done as per the electrical code of Gujarat. Also this office carries the responsibility of giving approval on all kind of electrical safety and security measures taken on the Wind power generation site. Including project electrical drawing submission, control room design, structure safety, and transformer ratings documents including safety measure documents verification is required. without CIG clearance project cannot get final commissioning certificate. DLD can be one point contact to get you CIG clearance for your Wind power generation project.


Gujarat Pollution Control Board Liaison :

Though solar power generation project considered to be the Non-polluting industrial project, in Gujarat every solar Power project developer requires getting project site inspected, verified and documents part of GPCB clearance process. Certificate of clearance from GPCB is required for project commissioning. DLD provide complete end to end liaison services to get quick GPCB clearance.